The Meteorite Stone: Peridot

The Meteorite Stone: Peridot

Olivine, a mesmerizing green mineral, holds a secret treasure within meteorites: peridot. These celestial gems, formed deep within asteroids, captivate with their vibrant hues.


Learn more about olivine and peridot's cosmic journey, from the depths of space to the wonder of Earth's surface:


Olivine likely arrived on Earth through meteorite impacts. These extraterrestrial rocks, carrying fragments of olivine, collided with our planet over millions of years, depositing the mineral across the globe. Today, olivine can be found in various geological formations, including volcanic rocks and certain types of sedimentary deposits.


Olivine and peridot can be found in various locations around the world. They are commonly found in volcanic rocks such as basalt and peridotite. Some notable locations include Hawaii (where peridot is the birthstone), Arizona, Myanmar, Norway, and Pakistan. Additionally, olivine-rich meteorites can sometimes be found in places like Antarctica and deserts.


Olivine and peridot are closely related because peridot is actually a gem-quality variety of olivine. While olivine refers to the mineral itself, peridot specifically denotes the gem-quality form of olivine, prized for its striking green color. Peridot gets its color from trace amounts of iron within the olivine crystal structure. So, essentially, peridot is a special type of olivine known for its beauty and rarity.



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