About Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

About Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

The Sleeping Beauty Mine, located in Globe, Arizona, is renowned as one of the most important turquoise-producing mines globally.

Its history began with a whimsical name: some say the mountain resembles a sleeping woman from a distance, inspiring the iconic moniker.

Originally mined for gold and copper over 40 years ago, it later reopened to mine copper and turquoise. Today, it stands as the world’s largest producer of natural turquoise, offering stones ranging from chalky-blue to deep-blue hues. The mining process involves uncovering the turquoise, sorting it meticulously by shape, quality, and color, and then shipping these coveted stones worldwide.

The Sleeping Beauty Mine delivers top-quality gems. Despite its closure in 2012, its legacy endures, and its turquoise remains unmatched in quality.🌟


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Image courtesy of James Lindstrom via pixels.com

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