Beautiful Lambina Mine Australian Opal Candy Necklace

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This one is very similar in bead size and length to the one I made for Kristen Bell. These beads are smooth and full of color! The beads are from a mine that is no longer open in Australia, called Lambina. There will not be another strand like this available on the market.

A portion of the proceeds from this piece will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

Truly a collector's piece, this Australian Crystal Opal beaded necklace from the now-closed Lambina mine has 4 to 6mm beads and is finished with 18k solid gold. It measures 17" long and has a cream-colored base. A one of a kind piece that will come in a beautiful cherry rosewood necklace box.

Sadly, Australian opals like this are not going to be cut in this shape anymore.

These opals are packed with color! Each bead is unique and stunning with a rainbow of colors.


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