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Rubellite Tourmaline Knotted Candy Necklace

Rubellite Tourmaline Knotted Candy Necklace

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Saturated Rubellite Tourmaline stones have a deep pinkish red coloring to a glowing raspberry color in the sun. This is a rare color for Tourmaline stones. It was often confused with being ruby because of its amazing color. 

The facets catch the light and reflect beautifully, complimented with light blue silk knots in between each stone.


  • 14K gold
  • Blue silk cord
  • Rubellite Tourmaline
  • approximately 4-6mm stones
  • Measures 18″ in length


More Rubellite info:

Rubellite is a variety of Red Tourmaline. Red being represented as the big three color in the gemstone industry, is a great alternative for Ruby and highly sought-after designer and collectors alike.



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