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Brittany Myra

Lavender Serenade | Lavender Quartz Statement Beaded Candy Necklace

Lavender Serenade | Lavender Quartz Statement Beaded Candy Necklace

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This listing is now available for pre-order. Please allow 2-3 weeks before your custom piece is made. If you prefer a shorter length, leave a note at checkout in the notes box or email


“Lavender Serenade”—a name that dances on the breeze, whispers of love, and captures the essence of your exquisite 8-13mm lavender quartz necklace. Imagine moonlight filtering through fragrant lavender fields, casting a gentle glow on the delicate gemstone. Each note of this serenade resonates with tenderness and passion, a melody that lingers in the heart.

May your Lavender Serenade adorn its wearer with grace, enchantment, and the sweet promise of romance. 🌿💜✨



8-13mm Faceted Lavender Quartz Gemstones

20" in length

14k solid gold clasp, findings, and 14k gold signature heart tag


Your handcrafted, one of a kind lavender quartz necklace will arrive in a lovely velvet gift box. This stunning piece boasts 373 carats.

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