Is your Turquoise Real?

Is your Turquoise Real?

Read below for tips to help you identify if your turquoise is the real deal.

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I hand pick each piece of turquoise used in my jewelry to ensure it's authenticity and quality. Each piece of Brittany Myra jewelry is handmade by Brittany in her Northern California home studio. Catering to celebrities and clients worldwide, her work is beloved by many. Brittany Myra jewelry offers free shipping in the US.


3 Tips to help you make certain your turquoise is real.

Price: If it's a cheap price, then it is too good to be true. Genuine turquoise comes with a price tag, it's that simple. Many sellers may sell dyed stones that have a turquoise color and call it "turquoise."


Appearance: No inclusions? No matrix veins or pyrite flecks in the stone? Most turquoise has beautiful light to dark brown veins, called matrix running through the stone. Some have natural flecks of silvery pyrite. This is a great indication your turquoise is not a fake. 


If your stones have a mottled blue appearance where dye has been absorbed by the host stone, such as howlite, it's possible your stones are not real turquoise. 


The scratch test: This one is easy! Use your fingernail to scratch your stone. Turquoise is soft, but howlite is even softer. If it scratches off with your nail, you have dyed "turquoise."


A few facts about genuine Turquoise:

Have a birthday in December? Lucky you! Turquoise is one of the birthstones for December.

Turquoise has been used as far back as 4000 BC in jewelry and can be found in Ancient Egyptian Tombs. 

Turquoise is so beautiful, anyone can feel like a royal while wearing an authentic piece of turquoise jewelry. 

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