Jewelry that brings you joy

Our jewelry is meant to accompany you everyday, bringing you joy and comfort, making you feel empowered and beautiful.

Every piece is made with heart and intention, and is meant to form a lasting connection with you from the instant you see, feel, and touch it.


Brittany Myra Jewelry is made with love in Northern California.


By using natural gemstones in my designs, it creates a connection to Earth by bringing what was once underground to life, and also a reminder of what has yet to be unearthed. I'm humbled by what Earth has to offer us, and that I get to bring my designs to fruition, waiting to be adorned by you.  


My love for beading bloomed when I was making a handmade bracelet for my daughter as a gift for her second birthday. I immediately had this connection to the meditative work of designing and stringing beads. Since 2018, my work has blossomed and I've learned from the best professional bead knotters and mastered the work of making a professional, hand-knotted gemstone necklace that takes lot of skill, knowledge, and patience.


Our Mission


It is so incredibly important to give back, and we currently are donating to One Tree Planted each month. One Tree Planted plants where trees are most needed now to help reforestation.


We strive to create exceptional gemstone jewelry that is not only fun and whimsical, but effortless, timeless, and refined. By blending these together, we can create one-of-a-kind jewelry that’s as unique as you.



Each gemstone you find on our site has been “heart”-picked by Brittany. Working closely with ethical vendors such as Broken River Mining for her one-of-a-kind opal pendants or spending hours selecting gemstone strands at the gem shows, each piece has a great dedication, love, and energy behind it.


Brittany's work has been adorned by celebrities like Kristen Bell and singer Ndidi O. 


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